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William Glasser says:

“You cannot change anyone’s behaviour but your own but you can influence the behaviour of others by the way you behave”

Welcome to the help! web site, we hope you enjoy the experience.

We at help! aim to provide teachers, parents and professional organisations with an opportunity to increase their skill base, in facilitating positive behaviour change both in themselves and others.

For those who want to achieve this in a practical, no nonsense, action based, fun way, we have the professional development for you!


On behalf of us all from ....... who attended the workshop with Margaret in July. I would like to say many many thanks. We are agreed that it was superb PD. Everything presented seemed like common sense but only after it was explained with Margaret's unique humour and candour! We so appreciated the chance to take a pragmatic but insightful look at things that plague us at the coal face and to leave feeling equipped to deal with them in ways that are productive and caring for our students and ourselves.

I have always sent PRT's to Margaret - now I know why they come back so excited and confident to develop their skills further.

Auckland High School  July 2015

Had my first mini chat with a troublesome student using your format from Wednesdays session.

As you suggested I visited in a non contact and caught him off gaurd.

He suggested some great ideas to help solve this problem and also opened up to me about close family that have recently passed away.

WOOHOO. Many thanks

1st Year Teacher
Practical Classroom Management Course Christchurch - May 2016

Thanks for the input and ethusiasm for all the work you do at KBHS, the place has steadily improved but seems to be really buzzing now.

Two teachers ran some PD today on boys learning, staff had a hoot but with some really open feedback at the end which shows they were really enjoying it and learning, all an extension of what you are bringing us.

Brian Evans
ONZM, Principal - Kelston Boys' High School New Lynn Auckland,
May 2015


Margaret , Thank you for your great advice and mentoring these two years. I have truly been inspired by your knowledge and skills with both young and not-so-young people (also called candidates!). I have had a ridiculous steep learning curve which I know that will be of great value both for me personally and professionally.

Cohort 4 Teacher
Teach First Norway
June 2015

Margaret Ross is a consummate professional who has much to offer parents or schools who are seeking practical solutions to the difficult issues confronting our young people of today. We, at Wellington College, endorse Margaret Ross without reservation.

Roger Moses
Headmaster Wellington College

I am writing to thank you sincerly for being a presenter at the recent PPTA NETs Conference at Vaughan Park. This being our inaugural conference for establishing teachers, it was important that we have a range of presenters who could hold this particular group's attention and keep them interested and entertained. You certainly acheived that. Many of our participants singled you out as their favorite presenter and expressed a wish that they'd had more time with you!

Tom Haig
NZ Post Primary Teachers' Association- April 2015

It's rare to find a humble, funny and generous expert. If you work with young people, follow Margaret Ross, @helpbehaviour

Owen Morse
TeachFirst Wales- Partner School Contact-
Cardiff, Wales October 2014

"Thank you so much for all your support and for choosing to work with us in Wales. Working with you has been such a highlight of working with Teach first.

You received the most wonderful feedback. I know everyone in the South West and Wales would love to work with you again"

Rosie Cripps
TeachFirst Wales- Senior Officer- programme (Wales)- The Regions Division-
Cardiff, Wales October 2014

"Margaret is a straight forward, no nonsense, consultant with a great turn of phrase that engages those she works with. She is able to clarify issues and assist others to work to the best possible solution for themselves. Her training skills empowered our senior staff to tackle those difficult interpersonal discussions with confidence."

Jan Ballantyne
Chief Executive Officer, Central North Island Kindergarten Association.
July 2013

"Having worked with Margaret for the past 2 years,  her investment in improving the educational chances of children in the UK permeates all of her professional interactions.

"As Teach First strives towards realising a future where no child's educational success is limited by their socio-economic background, my confidence that we will achieve this is affirmed by working with a professional  who holds the same conviction."

Colin Ferguson
TeachFirst- Regional Director - North West of England  October 2012

"Thank you for your presentation on Tuesday. I have had really positive feedback from quite a number of staff. I think the practical nature of your address was very appealing to the teachers, to a point that a number have said it is the best presentation we have had - following on from Celia Lashlie, Josef Driessen and Nigel Latta.

Thank you again."

Robert Mangan
Principal Tauranga Boys College  February 2012

"Just thought I'd share some success with you in regards to our meeting yesterday......Of Course I never doubted the value of differentiation but I've witnessed its awesomeness today with my yr 12's......It is clear the boys are in many different places of skill but they all learnt something.....Thanks so much for your time yesterday, very useful as always."

Luke Doubleday
PRT De La Salle College  May 2013


Oslo, Norway- October 2013